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Thread: 3.0.0RC1: Changed Table Output Schema not visible

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    Default 3.0.0RC1: Changed Table Output Schema not visible

    I needed to add a field to my target table. So I went into pgsql and dropped and recreated the table. I then went back into Database Explorer and did Refresh and selected my table and checked the Layout and it was still the old layout. How do I get it to pick up the new table layout?


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    For performance reasons we cache the layout of tables. (queries actually)
    A "clear DB cache" button was added to the "Simple SQL editor" dialog and is also available upon right click on the database connection.

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    That worked good. Didn't know where to look. I had even tried deleting the db conn and recreating it and still it was finding the old layout. Maybe the db cache should be cleared if the connection is deleted.


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