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Thread: Spoon and FTP

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    Default Spoon and FTP

    I have been trying to create an FTP and Unzip Job in Spoon but I cannot figure out how to do this as a chain.

    What I want to do is to ftp a and then unzip a particular wildcard pattern from the ftp'd zip archives.

    The problem is that the Unzip module needs for you to name a particular file but we do not know the exact name of the file because it was ftp'd from a pattern.

    Is there some way to do this?


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    I can sort of get things working with a shell script in the chain instead of the unzip module. What would really be helpful is if the "Get a file with FTP" would pass along the filenames of the files that it ftp'd. That way I could take them in as args to the shell script and operate on them.


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    Not currently, some of the entries have been adapted to pass along filenames. Raise a JIRA request for it.

    What you could is ftp and then use a get filenames step in a transformation to read the files with the same wildcard (if you're starting out from an empty directory every time).


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    Actually, to my knowledge all the files that are retrieved are put on the Result list.
    As such, you can get a hold of these filenames using the "Get files from result" step.
    Copy these filenames to result, set variables, loop over it.
    It might not be extremely trivial to do so, but it's most certainly possible.

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