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Thread: Drill url template param

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    Question Drill url template param


    I have a chart embedded into a report and I'd like to have the url-template use a param from a column that is not used in the chart.

    I'm using a hack like "[my_param] name" as the name and thus it goes into the url template. Then I parese the param and extract only the my_param.

    Is there a way to do this without this ugly hack?


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    rhasija Guest

    Post I guess you must have solved it by now....

    But if not, could you post the files linked to the problem. Probably .report or .xml, .xaction?

    Whatever info you can provide would be helpful.


    Ravi H.

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    Basically I'd like to have a resultset with 3 columns as input to the chart, one for the legend, another for the value and another one with a parameter to be replaced in the url-template.


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