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Thread: Socket writer still running

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    Default Socket writer still running

    When I use socket reader/writer one thing I notice is that if the transform with the socket reader errors then the socket writer continues to run and never finishes. How can I kill the socket writer step or force it to finish?


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    The way I fixed this was to create a dummy transform with just a socket reader. When I run this it strips all the buffered output off the socket and then then writer completes.


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    Socket reader and writer are used exclusively during clustered transformations. (they are generated automatically)
    In the latest version they are even there only used in situations where there are named input or output steps.
    The only logical or intended use for them is to transfer data between 2 slave servers.

    You can use it to transfer data between 2 separate transformations, however you need to make sure that the initialization phase is in sync:

    1) initialize both transformation (Prepare execution) : this is where the writer opens a server socket for the reader.
    2) start execution of both transformations: on the first row connections will be made.

    That obviously ignores the fact that there would even be a use-case for such an endeavor :-)

    All the best,

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