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Thread: acl="NOTHING"

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    Default acl="NOTHING"

    In pentaho.xml, we find in the commented section of example overrides the following line:
    <acl-entry role="Authenticated" acl="NOTHING" />
    If i interprete this right, this assignment will assign for the specified filepath no permissions(no execute, no write , no subscript) for the role ="Authenticated
    In practice i get the execute permission. Is this normal behaviour?

    <!-- <overrides> <file path="/pentaho-solutions/samples/bursting"> <acl-entry role="Admin" acl="ADMIN_ALL" /> <acl-entry role="cto" acl="SUBSCRIBE_ADMINISTRATION" /> <acl-entry role="dev" acl="EXECUTE_SUBSCRIBE" /> <acl-entry role="Authenticated" acl="NOTHING" /> </file> <file path="/pentaho-solutions/samples/datasources/MDX_Datasource.xaction"> <acl-entry role="Admin" acl="ADMIN_ALL" /> <acl-entry role="cto" acl="ADMIN_ALL" /> <acl-entry role="dev" acl="EXECUTE_SUBSCRIBE" /> <acl-entry role="Authenticated" acl="EXECUTE" /> </file> </overrides>

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    Remember that default ACLs must be explicitly re-applied as described here. (Just changing pentaho.xml's default-acls will have no effect.)

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