Could anybody help please.

I have a job that looks as a local folder and using a regular expression for file names it is supposed to upload the file to a remote site. With port 22 it works fine but if i change the port to 21 it throws the following error:

Error getting files from SCP : null

It works fine with port 22

There is no other FTP Upload Job component avaliable.

Because of the this error i wrote a .sh file which would be called by the Job

The command in the file is as follows

ftp < filewithparameters -u ftpsite

the SH file works if run from linux shell command but if i call the sh file from KETTLE i get the following error

Shell 1 (stdout) - ftp: u: unknown option

I know that the shell command is not part of your software but i need to know is there any way to upload files through kettle on port 21. I only went down the route of the sh command because the SFTP does not work. Would like to know why KETTLE points out the U command as unkown when linux ftp man pages show the u command as a valid option and the option works when run from shell. Is there any escape characters that would allow the option to work when the sh file is called from KETTLE?

If the SFTP component can allow upload of files on port 21 it would be great!

Hope to hear from you soon

Setul Dhanani