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Thread: Remove Field in Mapping

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    Default Remove Field in Mapping

    Dear all,

    Even though I am removing a field in a mapping it is still recognized in the surrounding transformation.
    I am using Kettle 2.5.1

    I am using a mapping to cleanse a filed using a RegExp.
    The mapping(transformation) has 1 inputField (inDate) and 1 output field (varOut).
    varOut contains the cleansed date. I am not interested in the inDate anymore. Hence I am using a select values transformation in the mapping(transformation) to get rid of inDate.
    Only varOut is routed to the mapping out specification.

    When I am using the mapping in the surrounding transformation I am mapping the field "End of Life" from the source to inDate.
    The varOut is mapped again to "End of Life".

    Hence "End of Life" should contain the cleansed value.

    Alas the mapping fails. inDate gets add to the Fields after the mapping if I am using a select values or a output transformation.

    Do you know why this is? I attached the transformation as samples.

    Hope you can help

    cheers Torsten
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    Hi Torsten,

    In your mapping trans ("map_Date_Cleanse"), you select and remove inDate field (in select values step).
    Why not removing select values step ?



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    Hello Samatar,

    thanks for your help. You are right.
    I removed the select values step.
    Then I defined in the "Mapping output specification" of the "mapping transformation" add "N" for the field inDate.
    Now it works.

    I did expect a select values step before the mapping output specification to work equivalently. This is obviously not the case which seems to be not logical to me...

    Anyway looks like the problems is solved. Thanks again.


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