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Thread: Custom Template Parameters

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    Default Custom Template Parameters

    I am having problems getting a custom template param page to load. Using the custom param example 2 as a guideline.

    If I append the params directly on to the url the report works. The secure filter component doesn not get fired properly.

    I am sure there is a problem with the Secure Filter action definition in my xaction file. Not sure exactly what it is.

    I don't need t do filtering- just a custom page to get some params which will then get passed to a SQL Lookup and JFree report.

    Here is my action definition:
    <P_COMPANYNAME type="string"/>
    <P_FROMDATE type="string"/>
    <P_TODATE type="string"/>
    <P_COMPANYNAME style="select" filter="none" prompt-if-one-value="true"/>
    <P_FROMDATE style="select" filter="none" prompt-if-one-value="true"/>
    <P_TODATE style="select" filter="none" prompt-if-one-value="true"/>

    The full xaction file is also attached.

    Deploying to Tomact 5.5 with Pentaho 1.5.2 jars from PCI.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    Did you create the action sequence with the latest version of the Action Sequence editor?

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    rhasija Guest

    Default Could you attach your facts.xml file?

    Hi blysaght,

    Could you attach your facts.xml, and facts_template.html file too?

    Meanwhile, I am looking into the .xaction file. Seems like you have defined a Secure Filter Component manually. As per my understanding, all you need to do is define the inputs and the secure filter component will automatically render the Inputs to the web page.

    See if removing the secure filter component in the Process Action solves it for you?


    Ravi H.
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    Default customer parameter template

    I will try to upgrade to the latest version of the action sequence plugin. Attempted to manually edit the xaction file to see if this would circumvent any problems with the plugin.

    If I just create a url and append the parameters that I need the report works.

    For my parameters page, I want to use my own customised page (look and feel etc). In order to show my own custom param page it seems that I have to use a secure filter component with an <xsl/> node. Even if I wish to use a html custom param page this seems necessary.

    In the attached examples the xaction runs but throws an error because of missing parameters. However, it does not attempt to load my param page.
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    rhasija Guest

    Red face

    Hi blysaght,

    Name:  custom_template_1.jpg
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    Name:  custom_template_2.jpg
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    I tried using your attached files and it seems to be working. In fact I changed one of the inputs in facts_template.html to "radio" and it seems to be picking it up.

    I have pasted the two screenshots.

    Could you be more specific in regards the errors you are getting? Can you cut n paste the error log or messages?


    Ravi H.

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    Default Custom Template Parameters

    I resolved this issue by including at least 1 param that used a filter (source of choices). As it is for a report I was able to use report output type with list of types ie html, pdf etc.

    However, without including this the custom parameter page never gets invoked. The report is run with default values for params.

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