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Thread: Description of XML export of tansformation?

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    Default Description of XML export of tansformation?

    I'm currently working on a procedure to generate transformations in bulk. The idea is to generate relatively simple mappings (e.g. Staging Area mappings) by using metadata in tables (tables to be map, history strategy and so on).
    This could reduce development time when many similar transformation have to be developed.

    The procedure will create the target table, possibly an error table end the XML definition of the mapping, including some default auditing columns. That XML will be stored in a table that can be exported to files, which can be imported in Kettle.

    My question is: is there a formal desription of the XML to be generated?
    At the moment I'm using an exported mapping to see what the XML looks like.

    I'm using Data Intgeration 3 RC1.

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    There's no formal definition. The "problem" is e.g. the steps/job entries/plugins which define their own output of meta-data.


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    OK, thanks.
    I'll develop some templates and use the exported XML as the basis for my XML-generator.

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