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Thread: Can a dimension table be augmented and used as an an aggregate table?

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    Default Can a dimension table be augmented and used as an an aggregate table?

    Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere. I am completely new to cubes, mondrian and the like. I am using mondrian 2.3.2
    and Oracle 10.2

    I have built a cube with all possible aggregate tables. In this situation it seemed to me that my dimension tables were also aggregate tables (with all other dimensions collapsed). So I combined them.

    I have followed the aggregate table documentation, but, dont seem to be able to get my dimension-aggregate tables to work.

    Is this usage valid for mondrian?
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    Default Yes it can.

    Well the answer is that it can.

    My issue was actually different. I am using mondrian embedded in an app and not through the war. Due to this I did not have the file in my class path. In this file you have to specify the property mondrian.rolap.aggregates.Use=true to enable the use of aggregates. So when I thought I should be using them; I wasnt.

    Makes sense really!

    I just thought I would put this info here in case someone find themselves in my situation.

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