I have one Kimball SCD, first I use an input table step (where i write my query manually) the query extracts data from four tables doing a join among these four tables. the four tables are:

-anagrafica: contains anagraphical data about the hunters (id, name, surname, address,....)
-comune: contains the list of communes (its primary key is referenced as a foreign key in anagrafica table)
- province: the list of provinces (its primary key migrates as a foreign key in commune table)
- region: the list of regions (its primary key migrates as a foreign key in province table)

anagrafica:43885 row
commune: 10884 row
province: 107 row
region: 22 row

The target SCD table will contain 43885 row.
The structure of my SCD table is the following:

create table cacciatoreDim1(
id_cacciatoreDim int auto_increment, /*surrogate key*/
id_cacciatore int,
nome char(36),
cognome char(36),
sesso char(1),
res_indirizzo char(70),
desc_comune char(70),
desc_provincia char(30),
desc_regione char(30),
date_from date,
date_to date,
version int,
primary key (id_cacciatoreDim));

to load this table it takes 29minutes is that normal? and how can i speed up the performances or is that ok?

Cache size in rows=0
Commit size =100
I run the transformation on the local host, also the repository, db source and db target are all on MySQl on the local host.

I use Intel P IV, 1GB RAM, 3.2 GHZ CPU.

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards