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Thread: Mondrian, third normal form

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    Default Mondrian, third normal form

    Are there any possibilities to build a cube with data from a database, which is truly normalized. I don't want to use a view in the database and I don't think, that the use of a virtual cube is ideal.

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    Unhappy Mondrian on production database


    Unfortunatly, Mondrian join strategy is limited to 1 column by table when building a 2 tabes joins. This is a strong limitation when trying to connect against a production database, as Mondrian target DWH when tables can have surrogate keys for better join strategy performance.

    Virtual cubes is not a solution, as main objective for using virtual cubes (from my position) is to have a cube with measures coming from differents facts tables.

    Views is unfortunatly the only solution ... but in real life, this is not applicable

    Patrick Beaucamp

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    Thanks for your quick anwser.

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