Hi everybody.

Consider my problem ... I'd like to calculate the percent of columns, and I have a lot of dimensions and 2 measures (number of TRAINNING and number of PEOPLE). Combining the dimensions, I'd like to have the percent for any measure and any dimension.

So, here my calculating sample:

<Measure name="TRAINNING" column="OCCUR" aggregator="sum" datatype="Integer" formatString="###,##0"/>
<Measure name="PEOPLE" column="USER" aggregator="distinct count" datatype="Integer" formatString="###,##0"/>
<CalculatedMember name="% by column" dimension="Measures" visible="true" formula="([Measures].CurrentMember/([Measures].CurrentMember, [LAST_LEVEL].Dimension.CurrentMember.Parent))">
<CalculatedMemberProperty name="FORMAT_STRING" value="#0.00 %"/>

All the names of last level are [LAST_LEVEL].

However, it doesn't work, because it doesn't identify different Measures (only identify TRAINNIG - the first one) and it doesn't identify different Dimension (only identify the first one).

How can I change this values in order to work?


Marcelo Campi