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Thread: Can we create Phases in a transformation??

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    Default Can we create Phases in a transformation??

    Hi All,

    Is there a way to control Phases in a transformation? i.e. consider the following example. We are developing an Adaptor to the source system, the job of this adaptor is to go get the data from source system and write it into files. Kind of One to One (With few additional stats steps in the transformation). Know the question is, there are more than 50 such tables to read and write to files.

    1. Is it a good idea to write all the tables into different files in the same transformation? if not can you give some suggestions? How will PDI manage connections with database in this case? {There is an option in the Miscellaneous tab of Transformation settings called "Use Unique Connections", "Manage Thread Priority", are these any way linked to the data base connection and if so how do we utilize them?

    2. If it’s ok to write bunch of them in a single transform, will all the queries in that transformation will be fired to database in one go? if so , is there a way to control the priority of the steps in a transformation. Such as Phases?

    Can some one suggest on, what needs to be done in this


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    No, that is not possible. Use jobs.

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    Also check out the following "process all tables" example in 3.0

    Kettle-3.0.0-RC2-20071012\samples\jobs\process all tables


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    Thanks a lot Kinkoi for pointing me to the samples.

    And thanks Matt for the suggestion.


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