Once Again,I am in need of your assistance.We are generating an excel file from a String/Mapp passed using JAVA.

We are passsing a map to kettle(2.5).Map or String any one wiil help me here.(like we can store STRING into MAP).Data is having comma as separator n @ as line separator.Like carriage return.(i can replace that @ with any other stuff,we are handling that).I can catch whole the map/String in a JAVA Script step.

Finally we have to generate an excell file.

id name

In the Excell file i want the record as
1st row 1 kedar
2nd row 2 sven

I can limit , encode them any how I want...Only thing which is not fix is no of rows which will be there...like any number of rows can be there.Though while calling Kettle,I will be aware of no of records.But that figure will change everytime I call kettle.

This is a normal case,with files.We never know how many records will be there...But I always get confuse in such senario..Can any one assist me in this case...