Hi people. I don't know if this is the right place to discuss this, so please don't flame....

I have Pentaho Pro 1.6 and JBoss portal 2.6.2. I want to create a portal in JBP which uses Pentaho portlet classes but I don't want the definitions and configuration (portlet.xml, portlet0instances.xml, etc) to be included in the Pentaho webapp, but rather in their own deployable and independant webapp. Like this :

|-----> pentaho.war
|-----> jboss-portal.sar
|-----> my_portal.war

Such a setup allows to redeploy my portal without having to interrupt the service on either of the two other webapps. This is a dream setup and so far, I encountered many challenges to this.

Simply including portlet definitions in a separate webapp can't work because JBoss looks for the classes and can't find them, thus resulting in class not found. Adding classes in the webapp is out of the question, for this would duplicate the pentaho system for EVERY portal I want to externalize.

So I've been investigating the possibility of telling my portal context to share the pentaho.war context. I don'T know if this is possible of if this would result in yet more troubles... I need some insights on this.