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Thread: input table with different outputs (copy) then stream lookups

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    Default input table with different outputs (copy) then stream lookups

    I have one transformation, I will describe it cause i couldn't upload the image:

    one input table step-----> four outputs (which one contains sorts, filters, aggregations....) to calculate my four measures-----> three stream lookups to put everything together----->three stream lookups to insert the dimensions keys in the stream-------> projection to select just the dimensions keys and the measures-----> finally the data is inserted into the fact table.

    The first input table step copies the data to its four outputs, my question is how it does so. because normally when i want to perform a lookup the lookup rows have to be loaded before the main row.

    the transformation works well, but i would like to understand more how it works, because i was trying to do the same job with Talend but i couldn't succeed cause in Talend the tMap component needs to load his lookup before the main row. my first tMap sends data row by row to the four outputs and the second tMap can't load fully his lookup before starting his process, that's the problem.

    Thanks in advance!
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    stream lookup reads all lookup data in memory, so the data is loaded the moment you start?

    And for Talend you don't need to be here


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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Best regards.

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