Its Ali from Pakistan. About couple of months ago, i posted a thread with same problem. Since that time, i am unable to get solution for that problem.

Problem was that, i want to show the value of each bar in barchart using jfreechar / Widget Charts in penatho. Just like in pie chart which shows the values and percentage as well.

But if we move mouse pointer over a bar in bar chart, we can see the bar value in mouse tool tip. So if value can be viewed in mouse Tool Tip then why not its possible to show values all time on the top of each bar.

Currently, i am using Report Desinger Bar Chart which is showing value on each bar. But it does not allow any operation on bar chart as we can perform different operations on jfreechart like drill down etc.

Waiting for any response

Ali Ahmad Sabir
Data Warehosue Developer
Zoniversal (pvt) Ltd.