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Thread: Problem with sending data to output file...

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    Default Problem with sending data to output file...


    Ive got problem with output of following transformation. I need to put data from step select value 4 and select value 42 into text file. All settings are correct, but the trans. always stop at Text file output. I think the main problem is when i want to create hop between select value 4 or select value 42 with Text file output = because this error has always shown : "The name of field number 1 is not the same as in the first row received: you're mixing rows with different layout. "

    Why is that?? Is there any other way how to send results from select val. 4 and 42 to one file ???

    What are u usually using for that ?

    Many thanks for help!!!

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    Preview your 2 last select value steps... rule nr 1 in PDI... ALL rows flowing over 1 hop have to be of the same structure: same nr of fields, same field names, same types, same order.

    You don't have that when you reach the text output file.


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