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Thread: pentaho on a windows based server

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    Default pentaho on a windows based server

    Hi there,
    I am running pentaho on a windows 2003 server, and now, I am logging in with a remote desktop session to startup pentaho by executing start-pentaho.bat.

    However, I noticed that when the session ends, so does this file.

    Is there a way to start pentaho up when I restart my server, and have it run as long as the system is on?


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    rhasija Guest


    Hi Kazu,

    That's interesting. So you run start-pentaho.bat on computer A by logging in from computer B and when you end the remote session with A, the server stops? Is that correct?

    Shouldn't really happen according to me.

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    Hi kazu182,

    With Remote Desktop, the behavior depends on how you terminate the session. If you log out, then the processes you started will be terminated. If on the other hand, you close the Remote Desktop (with the 'X' in the upper-right corner), then the processes you started will remain executing.

    Be careful though - you can run out of remote sessions (depending on your licensing) by doing this. At some point, someone (usually an administrator) may kill your running session to make way for someone else to remote in.

    What you may want to look into instead is running JBoss as a service. Google the web to find the best tools to let you set that up.

    Take care,


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