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Thread: Dynamically creating schema

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    Default Dynamically creating schema

    Is there any other way to programmatically create a schema besides implementing DynamicSchemaProcessor? It seems a waste to build up an xml file and have it parsed, instead of just creating the internal Mondrian schema objects directly. Is there any way for me to use/create the classes in the MondrianDef.* package space and hand them off without going to xml?


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    DynamicSchemaProcessor is for cases where (a) the schema is substantially the same between different clients (e.g. for localization), and/or (b) the client doesn't want to modify the servlet/web container environment, just add a property to a the connect string URL.

    It's certainly possible to write code against the MondrianDef classes. We don't guarantee that these will not change between releases, but since they're generated from the XML grammar they tend to be backwards compatible.

    A third approach is to generate XML fragments, and call methods such as Connection.createCube().


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