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Thread: DB2 Problem - SQL dialect

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    Default DB2 Problem - SQL dialect

    After upgrading pentaho to version 1.6, erlier defined cubes stoped working.
    We found that the reason is inserting by mondrian unnecesery quotes - here is example:

    select "czas"."rok" as "c0" from "czas" as "czas" group by "czas"."rok" order by "czas"."rok" ASC

    DB2 returns errors about mising objects. After changing query (in isql) to:

    select czas.rok as c0 from czas as czas group by czas.rok order by czas.rok ASC

    results are returned.

    How can I fix this problem?


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    I wish I had a dime every time this problem came up.

    DB2 is case sensitive. If you specify a table or column name without double-quotes, it is converted to upper case. This happens in both a CREATE TABLE statement and in SELECT statements.

    Your table, for example, is really called CZAS. In your mondrian schema, you told mondrian that it was called czas, so mondrian encloses it in quotes.

    The solution is either to use double-quotes when creating your schema (so your table will be called czas) or to specify the table and column names in upper-case in your mondrian schema file.


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    Default It works

    Thank you, your sotlution works.

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