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Thread: MS Access table corrupt

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    Question MS Access table corrupt

    I'm a newbie to Kettle, so maybe I'm missing something.
    I have a VERY simple transformation which has a fixed text file as input and MS Access table as output. In the trans, I just have the "text file input" with a hop to the "Access Output".
    In the access output details, I checked "create table" and gave it a new table name "Table2". The log shows that everything worked fine - no errors, counts look good. When I view the Access db, "Table2" is there in the table list, but when I try to view it (dbl-click it), I get an error message saying that it "could not read definitions". I also cannot delete that table nor rename it! If I try to change the User permissions on that table, I get errors saying that I don't have permissions to Administer, etc.

    What's up? Am I missing something?

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    Default re: more info

    After running it again, I reviewed the log in more detail:

    2007/11/05 09:36:43 - Access Output.0 - ERROR (version 3.0.0-RC2, build 299036 from 2007/10/31 23:59:46) : Error closing the database: Page number 47 already removed from usage map

    Any suggestions?

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    This is not something done in Kettle code, it's in Jackcess code... but you can raise a JIRA tracker for it of course ;-)


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    It's probably caused by concurrent access to the MDB file. Did you have the table open in MS Access by any chance?
    Access doesn't really support concurrent access, it's best to close all other programs that access the MDB.


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    Even I tried a with Access....sometimes it showed me the same error...It gets currupted.

    Sometimes It altered the length of column created in Access table.
    Why so?

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