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Thread: Pentaho cannot import from Merge Join step

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    Unhappy Pentaho cannot import from Merge Join step

    We are a student group working on integrating Pentaho and PDI with DHIS (the District Health Information System), part of the HISP (Health Information Systems Project). As a part of our project we are prototyping the requisite connections between Pentaho, PDI and the underlying MySQL and MS Access databases.

    Our problem is getting Pentaho to reliably read the output of Kettle-transformation steps. From our prototype transformation, Pentaho is able to read from Table input (both for MySQL and Access), Filter rows and Select / Rename values steps when these are specified as the importstep in Pentaho's .xaction file. When we specify a Merge Join step, however, Pentaho display an empty result. Why does this happen? What can we do to get our result?

    Another symptom is that any steps following the Merge Join cannot "Get Fields" automatically in Spoon. "Get Fields" works for all steps up to and including the Merge Join.

    Spoon v. 2.5.1
    Pentaho BI Platform v. 1.6.0-RC2.820

    We have placed the contents of the attached zip file in a folder called "integrationtest" under pentaho-demo/pentaho-solutions/samples. For your convenience I have attached the .xaction file (shows our use of importstep) and the transformation separately. In case you want the test databases, they are attached.

    Thanks in advance for any insight.

    Leif Arne Storset
    MozBos student group, HISP
    Contact information:
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