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Thread: Kettle 3.0 runtime engine

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    Default Kettle 3.0 runtime engine

    Hi - my understanding was that one of the features of Kettle 3.0 is the separation of the UI (design aspects) from the runtime. Is there any documentation that describes the dependencies for the runtime environment.

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    Separation is not yet 100% complete, and won't be complete before 3.0GA, so you would still have to include the ui part of Kettle with your runtime deployment.

    If all would have been ok you would have needed the engine jar of Kettle and the jars from the libext directory (minus the ones you don't use in your transformation).


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    AFAICT: the dependency is for a single interface in SWT: IProgressMonitor.
    We should be able to fix this right after we go GA.

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