Hy everybody,
this is my default query:

with member [Measures].[Differenza Eff-Ric] as '([Measures].[Quota Eff] - [Measures].[Quota Ric])', FORMAT_STRING = IIf([Measures].[Differenza Eff-Ric] >= 0.0, '|#,##0.00|style=green', '|#,##0.00|style=red')

select NON EMPTY {[Measures].[Quota Ric], [Measures].[Quota Eff], [Measures].[Differenza Eff-Ric]} ON COLUMNS,

NON EMPTY Crossjoin(Hierarchize({([Data CT.Data CT].[All Date CT], [Data Ultimo Versamento.Data Ultimo Versamento].[All Date Ultimo Versamento], [Sede Azienda.Sede Azienda].[All Sedi Aziende], [Settore Azienda.Settore Azienda].[All Settori Aziende], [Azienda.Azienda].[All Aziende])}), {([Anno Contabilita.Anno Contabilita].[All Anni Contabilita], [Tipo Entrate.Tipo Entrate].[All Tipi Entrate], [Tipo Rate.Tipo Rate].[All Tipi Rate])}) ON ROWS
from [Contabilita Fed]

I'd like to see the last cell of my measures in colour green or red depending upon the cell's value. The problem is that I can see the color only at first and if i explore my cube, the cell i want to see with colours are not coloured.
Anyone knows why?