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Thread: Why: negative measures displayed as 0

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    Default Why: negative measures displayed as 0

    I'm using Mondrian/JPivot in a JSP-application.

    I have a cube with this measure:
    <measure name ="acc" column="acc" aggregator="max" datatype="Numeric" formatString="#,##.00" caption="%{measure.acc}"/>
    When the value for the measure is less than 0, "0.0" is returned!

    What's that? Is it a consequence of a misconfigurated datatype or format sring?

    Thanks for help!

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    Default Bug!

    The causer of this error seems to be the max-aggregator!
    I added this senseless measure to my cube:
    <Measure name="max_acc" aggregator="max" formatString="#,###.00">
               <SQL dialect="generic">
    The value of this measure is 0 everywhere! With a sum-aggregator, correct values are returned.

    How can I get a correct negative maximum value???

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