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Thread: How to debug when multiple nested child jobs?

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    Default How to debug when multiple nested child jobs?

    1. Root Job = Load SnP Ratings
    2. t - Get SnP Properties
    3. j - Get Master Files
    4. t - Get Master Folders
    5. j - Get Files Process
    6. t - Setup File Folder variables
    7. t - Get File Names
    8. j - Copy each file
    9. t - Setup File variables
    10. s - copy the file

    j = job; t = transformation; s = step

    The Get Master Folders basically gets the list of folders that potential files exist to be downloaded, based on their lastmodified date.

    The Get Files Process does more than just Get(s) the files, it works on a single folder at a time, but this will be re-used for two other download areas from the FTP site, so I made the name generic.

    The passing of values from Job down to child jobs is using the results from a transformation.

    Since variables cannot be declared and used in the same transformation, I have to create transformations for that sole purpose.

    My problem is how to figure out why it is failing?

    Actually it is not failing as much as it just is not copying the files.

    How do you debug something like above?

    Can anyone provide an easier alternative to this?

    I attached all the jobs used in this effort and can provide the transformations if anyone is interested.

    Again, it runs, but it does not do anything that I can tell and when I try to debug the jobs downstream it does not have the data to run with, tried Replay, Preview, Debug and Run but am unable to figure out why it is failing...

    Thanks in advance.

    Marc Pike
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