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Thread: messages translation: contribution + SVN

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    Default messages translation: contribution + SVN

    I downloaded kettle sources, because I'd like to translate messages to my language.
    I saw that most of messages file have the following header (example):

    #File generated by Pentaho Transator for package 'org.pentaho.di.job' in locale 'fr_FR'

    1) Before doing some wrong work I'd like to know where I should add my translation.

    2) Before committing I have to be registered at jira.pentaho ?

    Thank you,

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    If you want SVN access to translate (I prefer this actually) send me a private mail and I'll set you up.
    We obviously don't allow just anyone to change the code, so tell me/us a bit about yourself in that mail.

    --> mcasters - at - pentaho - dot - org

    Or you can send the files to me and I'll commit them with your name as a reference in the commit log.

    All the best,


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