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Thread: Create Table Newbee question)

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    Default Create Table Newbee question)

    Hello all,

    This must be a newbee question but i cant figure it out.

    I have table a on MySQL
    I want the same table on an Ingres DB.

    I wanted to do table input A with the MySQL settings
    Table Output A with the Ingres parameters

    Now since the Table doesnt exist on Ingres the transformation failed. Is there some way to move the table to Ingres without creating the table on Ingres before ?


    Remy Ottenheim

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    No, not automatically. What you can do is make your transformation, and when you reach the table output step, press the "SQL" button on the step dialog to get the DDL of the table as Kettle thinks it should be and then you can also execute that DDL from there.

    Reason for not automatically creating table is:
    - It would drive most DBA's "up the walls"
    - Access rights cannot be easily assigned, most projects/companies have group based/user id access rights on tables and you can't set those in a generic way.
    - No way to assign indexes
    - No way of putting the table under version control
    - No way to put the table under monitoring (unless you monitor all tables)
    - The DDL determination Kettle makes is not always 100%. You sometimes have to "fidgit" with datatypes, and sometimes the current DDL solution will drop and add columns a human DBA would never do.
    - Other small things: like what to do when the table already exists? what if it already exists but Kettle thinks some columns are of the wrong type, ...?

    Creating tables automatically would be a very dangerous thing

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