Hi all,
Does Kettle support oracle Blob and Clob types?
I explain:
I have a source table (oracle 9) and I created a target table having the same structure of the source using Kettle "Generate DDL" on oracle 10g. I want just to copy the source table into the target.
- My source table contains one field of type BLOB
- My source table contains 107 row
- My source table contains 104 row having a not null value of the BLOB field

I dragged and dropped one input table and one output table, linked the with a hope, connected them with my source and target tables. and I executed my transformation. the transformation has been executed successfully. but when I executed the query:
select count(*) from provincia where logo is not null;
it returns 8. That means only 8/104 BLOB have been transferred or I don't know?.
How do you interpret that?

Thanks in advance!