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Thread: Problems attaching Excel File to email

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    Default Problems attaching Excel File to email

    I've got a transformation that writes data to an excel file, and I wish to then email that file to someone. From what I understand (and read in this forum), the Excel Output step in a transformation is supposed to pass the filename along to the next step in a job. I can't get this to work. The email is sent with no attachment. No errors in the log. I've attached the simple job and transformation.
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    Works fine in 3.0 RC2.
    But not in 2.5.3 (and of course probably in 2.5.x)

    We had pb when cheking "add time" in Excel output filename.

    I posted a bug :



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    And a solution for 2.5.x but which doesn't work anymore in 3.0

    I removed you're excel creation for the moment


    Edit: Example does not work in v3.0RC2 but will work in v3.0GA
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    Thanks Sven,

    I got your approach working. Used a get filenames step & set files in result after the excel file output, then just delete the excel files after sending the email.

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    I am new to Pentaho. Can anyone help me on this. I am creating one excel in the transformation and when i am trying to attach it in the mail,it is not attaching... Mail coming without the attachment.
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    Hi all...i got the solution.

    In the excel file generation step...there is a checkbox"Add filenames to result" that you need to check(tick it) ... when you are trying to attach the excel to the mail always make sure this check box is always checked.Name:  soln.jpg
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