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Thread: Preview Same as Run

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    Default Preview Same as Run

    I am using Kettle v3.0.0-RC2. I have a simple transform: reading single Oracle DB table, selecting some columns and writing these to another Oracle DB table.

    The transform runs properly and I get the expected results. However, the Preview will also populate the destination DB table. Very disconcerting!

    Also the f11 key does not work; its supposed to be the Preview.

    I have previously used v.2.5.2 of Kettle and the Preview and function keys worked as expected.

    I just ran Kettle v.2.5.2 and there is a section in the Execute a transformation dialog related to Preview that is missing from v.3.0.0RC2. And the function keys work also.


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    Double click on a step to preview? There should be a bold rectangle around it.


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    Previewing an individual step works fine. The preview of the entire transformation does not seem to be working in v.3.0.0.RC2 as it was in v2.5.2.

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