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Thread: 3.0 Problem

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    Default 3.0 Problem

    Hi, i'm just starting to use 3.0 RC2, with a simple Table input i get data from a mysql table and the fields are all Integers, when i do a simple SELECT * FROM table in kettle i get the results but they are filled with '0' at the left, I don't know if this is a bug, or is something of my configuration or what i'm doing wrong, but i should get a 45 and i get ' 000000045'.

    If you could guide me with this I'll appreciate it.
    Thanks. Rodrigo

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    An integer is an integer.
    The preview was made the same as the output data on file would look like without applying any other mask.
    Typically, this shouldn't have any effect at all.

    See the data conversion part over here: (also linked from your welcome page in 3.0GA)

    See also:



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