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Thread: Error reading sheetname of excel file with SYLK format

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    Unhappy Error reading sheetname of excel file with SYLK format


    I am using an Excel Input, as attached, to read an excel file for its sheetname and I am getting the error as attached. Has anyone gone through such issue; I would greatly appreciate if someone could give a solution to this.

    The error that I get while trying to "Get sheetname(s)" is:
    I was unable to read the Excel file [<path\Phones1.xls>]
    Unable to recognize OLE stream

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    Does anyone has a solution to this problem? Appreciate your feedback.


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    Hello There

    Had the same Problems with SAP data extracts.
    We got rid of the OLE Error by saving those sheets in Excel 95/97 format as provided by MS Excel.
    For automating purposes I implemented that in a VB procedure in Excel.

    The respecting lines read as follows:

    For Each w In Workbooks
    If w.Name = ThisWorkbook.Name Then
    w.SaveAs FileFormat:=xlExcel9795, Filename:=strDocumentPath
    w.Close savechanges:=True
    End If
    End If
    Next w

    --> PROBLEM: Had that error twice. This solution corrected the first, but the other spreadsheet now brings a KettleTransformationException while trying to convert a string into a number. Always Row 6 was affectet, mapping is okay!

    Trying different formattings, Kettle was unable to find any records to import.

    Please advise...!

    regards, Damiano

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    Default Facing same problem

    Unable to recognize OLE stream while reading xls,
    if any solution plz let me know

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