I have an ETL procedure that I am using as a model while I learn to use Spoon. It involves an extensive denormalization step that I am trying to set up, but I don't understand how the Row Denormalizer is used. The Spoon user's guide does not give a complete explanation of the tool.
I have a view with the following columns: pkeycol, codecol. the values of codecol are 'code1', 'code2', ..., 'codex'. The data is to be transformed in a table with the columns pkeycol, code1_col, code2_col, ..., codex_col with the rule "if codecol = 'codex' then codex_col = 1".
In the worksheet, I set the key field = codecol and the group field = pkeycol. I set target fieldname = code1_col, code2_col, etc. and key value = 'code1', 'code2', etc. What I don't see is where to specify that the target field content should be 1.
The other columns of the target fields table are not discussed in the user's guide. Where can I find information on these?
I am working with version 2.5.2.