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Thread: Source Control / Versioning of Transformations and Jobs

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    Default Source Control / Versioning of Transformations and Jobs

    I love the PDI product and have been looking for a better way to ensure that we can use it and still be in compliance with our change management procedures and controls.

    In the News Release for PDI 3.0, it states that,
    "Multi-developer environments can now benefit from integration with standard change management and source control systems through integration with the Apache Virtual File System in the new release."

    Looking at the new version, I'm missing how we would implement change management procedures that utilize CVS, ClearCase, or another source control system with PDI 3.0. I've searched the forums and docs but I'm unable to locate a "how-to" for this feature.


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    VFS actually allows you to create new file system types beyond file:// zip:// http:// ftp:// etc.
    We've had a few customers that built a versioning system on top of that.
    Unfortunately we can't say that we can release such code at this time.

    IMHO, the part you quoted is a bit too "marketingy" for my taste ;-)


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