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Thread: problem converting data type in 3.0

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    Default problem converting data type in 3.0

    Hy, i've a problem
    I've done a transformation with kettle 2.5.1 and it works well
    When i do the same trasformation with 3.0, i have problems with cast of values
    If i do a lookup i receive a cast error, but in previous version the same tranformation work well.....

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    You're very vague... at least post your transformation (preferably one changed as not to use databases).

    Also have a look at under data conversion gotchas.


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    Thanx, i've solved doing cast operation in step Table Input.
    But i've seen that there are difference between 2.5.x and 3.0. In 3.0 version, it's necessary to do lookup operation on same data type.
    If i have two tables:
    1) 1,2,3
    2) 1,2
    If i want to do a lookup on column 1, the data type must be the same, i can't do it if one is INT and the other is BIGINT
    I hope someone can understand me....

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     I hope someone can understand me....
    Well, let's say some details would be nice to have.


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