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Thread: multiple regex's

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    Default multiple regex's

    hi all

    im using the FTP step to download files from a remote folders.

    there are 16 departments/folders, i only want to download 5 files from each department/folder each month.

    is it possible to separate regex's with a ";" or something like that?

    the alternative is to create an FTP step for each file for each department, which would mean creating 80 steps.

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    Another alternative is that you loop over a set of locations.
    For each location you set a variable for the ftp-server, directory and regexp.

    Very similar to the Variables example but with a loop above this job.


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    ah, yes!

    i will try that, saves me creating all the steps

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    You can try the RE as followed

    The RE means if the string is "First" or "Second" or "Three", it matches.
    The bracket in RE means "group", "|" means "or"
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    Default thanks

    thanks, it does exactly what I was looking for.

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