I have run into an issue using V1.5.4 Build 716 0 of the PCI. The issue is when I first bring up a JPIvot with a result set I have 3 measures broken out by Time adn by a Product dimentsion. The Initial MSX expression filters by a single customer dimension record. If I click th blue dot on one of the mesure columns to sort the grid in either ASC or DESC order (Blue dot witches ot red arrow) then my data is displayed in ascending or decending order , with no problem. However, now I go to the OLAP Navigaor to change the customer filter to a different customer member, when the grid refreshes, my new customer member selection is not used and I locked in to the customer member that I originally started with.

If I don;t sort the data, then I can switch the customer filter as much as I want and the data get's re-queried properly using the selected customer member each time. Somehow, the act of sorting the data causes the updated customer filter not to be applied .

However, the workaround that I have is if prior ot going into the OLAP navigator, if I click again on the column header red arrow and return it to a blue dot, then my new customer filter selection in the OLAP navigator will work.

Is this a known issues, is there a fix ?