Hello Kettle developers,

I'm a developer at SQL Power Group, and I'd like to discuss the data
profiling feature we've been working on. I understand that our
development lead, Jonathan Fuerth, has already had some preliminary
discussions with Matt Casters on this.

Our team at SQL Power have been working on adding a data profiling
feature to Kettle. We have a working implementation on the the trunk
version of Kettle. We've tested it successfully on Windows XP and on
OS X 10.4. Currently, the profiler is accessed through the Database
Explorer feature, although we could also make it available in other
places if desired.

How would you like us to submit this feature for review and testing?
We can send the source code changes as an Eclipse patch, along with
the library JAR files it depends on. These include a couple of our own
libraries, and a couple of JFree libraries (we use JFreeChart to
display data in graphs).

Hope to hear back form you soon!

Jeffrey Mo
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