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Thread: Run excel files from directory!!!!!

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    Default Run excel files from directory!!!!!

    Hi there

    i want to look up some directory and load all the excel files and then load the data from those excel files one by one and then feed into the mysql

    so my step is here

    1.load the all the excel files from directory
    2.load data from those files one by one
    3.transfer each excel files data to the separate mysql table

    step 3 is easy for me. but step 1 and step 2 is quite hard for me.

    so how can load all the files some of directory and load data from those files.

    any help would be great

    NOTE: i am using Kettle-3.0.0.GA.


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    Either use wildcards in the Excel input, but then you will process "all at once".

    Or... use get files step/copy to results in one transformation, use get files from resuilt/Excel input (with accept filenames from previous step) in another transformation. And run both via a job in sequence.


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