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Thread: kettle 2.5.2 - Incorrect arguments to mysql_stmt_execute

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    Default kettle 2.5.2 - Incorrect arguments to mysql_stmt_execute


    Just thought this might be useful to someone

    I've started using kettle and was trying what should have been a very simple mysql to mysql table copy. both mysql version 5.1 and using jdbc

    It appeared to read records from source with no problem but had 2 problems with writing:

    1. When you create a table output step the error handling checkbox is clicked by default. If you dont put in an error handling hop and step then you get a java null pointer error.
    [to solve: right click on table output step. Click Define Error Handling.. Unclick the Enable the error handling checkbox] (or create error handling steps)

    2. On executing the transformation the table input step worked fine and read all records but the inserts on the table output step failed with an Incorrect arguments to mysql_stmt_execute error. I spent a lot of time messing around and eventually stumbled upon a connection setting for mysql called: useServerPrepStmts=false
    [to solve: edit the database connection that is causing the error (Main tree, database connections, right click the appropriate connection) Click on the Options tab. Click on a new option line and enter for Database type: MySQL, Parameter: useServerPrepStmts and Value: false Then click OK]

    In passing I tried to use the ODBC connection type for mysql but kept getting a Data source name too long error. Never worked out a solution for that one.

    Anyway maybe this info will save someone else a whole morning of thumping head against brick.


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    Default Thanks a lot

    Your post was really helpful. Who knows how many days I had to find for the solution.

    Thanks again.

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    I was having the exact same issue with PDI 3.2.0 & 4.0.0 while they were both working fine earlier with the same database for many transformation.
    After setting useServerPrepStmts to false it worked for me.

    Thanks Castigation for the input

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    Hey, I know this is an old thread but the solution here did not work for me. I am now using Kettle v5.0.1.

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