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Thread: Paradox Database

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    Default Paradox Database

    Is it possible to use Kettle to connect to a paradox database ?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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    Default paradox, what a paradox!?!?!

    paradox is not specifically supported, as far as i know, but you can connect to a "generic database"

    not actually knowing paradox, you will have to help me out here, can you use ODBC, JDBC or JNDI as an access method to your paradox database?

    if you can use any of these methods, you might be able to set up a generic connection to your paradox database. i would say you should go through a complete test cycle to establish if the connection is stable and if the data is coming through as you intend it to.

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    I think it's an XBase variant and as such you could give the "XBase input" step a try.

    Let us know what happens ;-)

    All the best,


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    >Is it possible to use Kettle to connect to a paradox database ?
    >Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    Yes, it is:
    on windows create an ODBC connection using "microsoft paradox" driver, then just enable directory selection and point to the folder where *.db files are. used default settings for everything else.


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