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    hello to all. i have a problem but that is no surprise to anyone.
    i have a xml file that have the structure of a a factoring program...this xml file have the information of the client and the information of the products that he bought but i have a problem. when he 30 products and when i make the "preview rows" in the "xml input" in spoon he make me a several columns with the 30 products like this:

    invoice number|prod_number|prod_desc|prod_number1|prod_desc1
    1 | 0001 | abc | 0002 | cbv

    but i dont want this several columns. what i want is a way to for an invoice number the program make me like this:

    invoice number|prod_number|prod_desc
    1 | 0001 | abc
    | 0002 | cbv
    2 | 0003 | mnc

    anyone have an idea
    mata123 aka Mario

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    Try the "normaliser" step. Check the samples.

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    hello, could you send me the link off the examples. and where is "normaliser" step in kettle?
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    The samples are in the samples/ directory.
    The Normaliser step is in the "Transform" step category.



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    hi MattCasters, first of all thank you for your help, second help me more ... like a factoring program..example: i have a client A that bought to 10 products... and another client B that bought me 100 products, and this data is in xml file. in spoon in "xml input"->"getfields" he throw me...more than 110 fields - the fields of the client A and the fields of client B, there is a way to tell spoon that in the fields of the products of client A are the same of the products of client B...
    li have this:

    001 123 A 10 abc B 5 cb
    002 528 D 6 sdg G 8 ff

    but i want something like this:

    001 123 A 10 abc
    001 123 B 5 cb
    002 528 D 6 sdg
    002 528 G 8 ff

    do you have some idea?

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