Just an idea... did anyone else hit upon defaults in PDI which would
probably be set in a different way as the current default so that it
would make PDI more intuitive. I'm not thinking of runtime changes,
more of design defaults.

Things I can think of right now:
1) In table output error handling is put on by default, I would switch
it off as default
2) In a connection for MySql I would add as default
useServerPrepStmts=false (this is also seems to have hit some people )
3) In a transformation job entry "clear list of results/clear list of
result files" is on... I would put the default to off as a lot of
people complain of the eating of their intra transformation data.
4) When you use "get fields" on text input e.g. an empty column
becomes a date... why not make it string as default for empty columns
5) Automatically set group and decimal when using get fields (e.g. in
text input/text output). When you don't fill it in it assumes the
default which may work on your own pc, but may blow up on you on
another pc/server using another Locale.
6) Automatically fill in format in text input/output (and maybe some
other steps) to strip the starting space before integer and numeric
types. Right now the default of no format causes a space to be printed
before integers e.g.


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