I have a process that I want to make that has has 2 calls for KETTLE. The overall .bat has 3 actions, first it creates XML, second it creates a loader for the xml that it stores in the repository, third it should run the loader. The first two steps execute just fine, but the 3rd step is never executed. All I can figure is that the first pan.bat execution "breaks out of the" overall .bat. My bat looks like this.
rem Program : GenEAXML_FULL_GenETL_LOAD.bat

rem navigate to the GenEAXML directory
cd "E:\EPBI_HOME\SA\GenEAXML_Release"

rem generate the full dataset
GenEAXML.exe E:\EPBI_HOME\EAXML %1 1/1/1900

rem navigate to the Pentaho Data Integration (KETTLE)

rem generate the loader
pan.bat /rep:kettle_rep_mysql_251 /user:admin /pass:admin /trans:GenETL E:\EPBI_HOME\EAXML\EAXML%.xml

rem execute the loader
pan.bat /rep:kettle_rep_mysql_251 /user:admin /pass:admin /trans:LD_EAXML%1

so it is the LD_EAXML%1 that is never executed. Thanks in advance.