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Thread: Default passwords for Joe, Suzy, Pat and Tiffany.

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    Default Default passwords for Joe, Suzy, Pat and Tiffany.

    In order to "Publish to Server" I need to know default password for Joe, Suzy, Pat and Tiffany. What are the default passwords?

    Thanks in advance,

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    well, looks like default password for all the four users is "password"

    I can login to pentaho-demo using that password, however, when I give the same password in "Publish to Server" dialog box, I get error "Invalid publish password"

    Appreciate the help

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    Got the answer here:

    The Pentaho BI Platform provides the ability to have content from Pentaho client tools published onto the Pentaho server. In order to allow the client tools (Report Design Wizard, Cube Design Wizard, etc) to publish to the server, a "Publish Password" must be configured in the Pentaho BI Platform. This is a security measure put in place to prevent malicious content from being published onto the Pentaho server.
    To set the publish password, edit the publisher_config.xml file. The default path is: /pentaho-demo/pentaho-solutions/system/publisher_config.xml
    Define the password by entering it inside the following node:
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