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Thread: Text File Output garbles data

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    Default Text File Output garbles data

    I occasionally see garbled data in my output files. For example, i saw this timestamp:

    2007/11/1:06:58 -0800

    The correct format is supposed to be:

    2007/11/## #1:06:58 -0800

    so it seems like it missed a few chars??

    This happens infrequently but it is annoying. Has anyone else experienced this?

    I am running multiple kettle instances in parallel writing to the same file. Can this be a cause? Would doing the Fast Data Dump make any difference? I'm still using 2.50


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    Even very bright people can't seem to figure out how to do a fast parallel write to a flat file.
    Think about it for a second... it just can't work.


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