Hi There

pentaho says lot of things and lot of feature about the pentaho platform. thats pretty nice.

pentaho support dashboard !!!. which product it has the dashboard feature?????.

i see some pentaho_demo_mysql5-1.6.0.GA.863. is this is pentaho portal ????. if it is the pentaho BI portal then why this is so so beginner.i don't think user can create report with it.

no sub-report is included there !!!
no chart is included there.!!!
no corss-tab !!!

can anybody plz tell me which is the pentaho BI web portal, from where user can create all kind of reports.
and where i will get that to download.

i am really really so tired to download download and download.

NOTE: plain and simple talk. what is end user BI web interface from where user can do whatever they want(off course features available from pentaho) .